About Us

Better Steps Podiatry was built on the basis of providing exceptional, high quality podiatry care to patients of every age and walk of life. Foundation podiatrist, Jessica Glengarry established her first clinic in Karaka, after identifying a desperate need for affordable podiatry in the area, without compromising a high level of care.

As a team, we place emphasis upon maintaining your health by remaining happy and active on your feet. All too often we see patients hindered from performing day to day tasks all because of troublesome feet.

We support you the whole way through your treatment journey and love seeing our patients regain freedom and enjoyment after improving their lives through foot care.

Our team of highly skilled professionals have dedicated their lives toward helping patients achieve their goals, whether that be becoming more mobile on your feet, or completing a marathon, we have the tools, knowledge and management plans to support you every step of the way. We are completed focused on providing the highest possible patient experience.

We are constantly learning and improving our knowledge as professionals and experts at what we do and this is facilitated by our daily interactions with a wide range of health professionals; Doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists just to name a few. We feel it adds to our knowledge as well as our patients experience to work cohesively with other professions to achieve the optimum results for our patients.


Jessica is a dynamic and determined practitioner who sees great satisfaction in helping her patients to overcome pain and limitation and achieve their goals. After years of playing representative sport she understands the importance of a healthy foundation and how debilitating it can be when our feet are compromised. She loves a challenge and the opportunity to use her skills to think outside the box and develop treatments tailored to each individual patient. The opportunity to use expertise to improve the wellbeing and life of patients is what has driven her to expand the business. Jess is highly skilled in sports injuries and pain, lower limb biomechanics, skin and nail concerns, children’s foot health and development, as well as ingrown nail surgeries.

Health Care providers we proudly support

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