General Podiatry

The foot alone is made up of 28 bones, 30 joints and over 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons. In a lifetime our feet can support our body to take over two hundred million steps. With all that to consider, uncomfortable and painful feet are not something anyone tolerate or live with.

​General podiatry can be very broad and sometimes conditions can present slightly differently to the ‘norm’. For this reason we encourage our patients not to feel discouraged in seeking advice around any of their concerns.

​After diagnosing and explaining specific conditions to our patients, we are then able to walk you through a tailor made management plan. We use sterilized instruments for effective treatment of these conditions.

​Common conditions include:

  • ​Thickened Nails
  • ​Ingrown Nails
  • ​Fungal Nails
  • ​Troublesome Nails
  • ​Corns and Callus
  • ​Plantar Warts
  • ​Cracked Heels
  • ​Foot Odour
  • ​Dry and flaky skin

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Biomechanics & injuries

Upon weight bearing the foot is subject to pressures and loading forces. When exercising and partaking in sport, these forces and pressures can increase to over 20 times our body weight. The shear impact of these forces can lead to damage and injuries of our joints, muscles, tendons ligaments and bones and this is without even considering intrinsic factors such as surfaces, equipment and footwear.

​Many patients are often surprised at the knowledge podiatrists have surrounding injuries and their ability to provide outstanding treatment. Our team have a passion for treating injuries, whether they be from sport, or as a result of simple day to day tasks. We encourage our patients to remember that sometimes even niggly aches and pains are worth being examined.

​All of our podiatrists are ACC registered and work along side a number of physio’s, specialists and other health professionals to ensure our patients get the best care all round.

​Common conditions include

  • Plantar Fasciitis/arch pain
  • ​Achilles tendonitis
  • ​Ankle Sprains
  •  Shin Splints
  • ​Knee Pain
  • ​Fractures
  • ​Pre and post surgical care
  • ​Heel pain/injuries
  • ​Toe pain

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Ingrown toenails are an incredibly painful and at times debilitating condition. Often they are caused by trauma, incorrect nail cutting, poor fitting footwear and genetics. Ingrown nail surgery is performed as a treatment option to cure a chronic ingrown toenail. In other cases in can be used to permanently remove a stubborn, troublesome nail that has grown thickened or deformed.

​The procedure itself is extremely effective and simple, and has been performed hundreds of times by our team in the safest conditions and a sterile environment.

​The procedure is not generally performed in the first consult. Our team must ensure that the surgery is right for you and that the problem is not something that can be managed with conservative treatment as a first option. For example, in many instances the affect portion of nail can be trimmed away and cleared to relieve discomfort. In some cases ACC can subsidize part of your surgery expenses, if the condition has been caused through an injury.

​We understand that all of our patients situations and concerns are different, so please contact us today if you have any questions on
09 390 5970.

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