Transitioning from Winter to Spring Sports – Jess’ Top Tips

Transitioning from winter to spring is something we all look forward to here in New Zealand. Spring brings longer days, and balmy evenings – giving us more time to be social and enjoy the great outdoors.

We also change up our exercise and sport routines in springtime. We pick up new activities, join social teams, walk or cycle more or play sport professionally (or all of the above!), yet we don’t really stop to consider what this transition from winter to summer could be doing to our mind and body.

Podiatrist, Jessica Glengarry from Better Steps Podiatry based in South-East Auckland has some simple and effective tips for how to care for your health when transitioning from winter to spring sport. Check out her tips below for how best to prevent injury and enjoy yourself whatever the season!

Take a mental break

If you have been playing a competitive winter sport, its important to take a few weeks after the season to clear your head before beginning any summer sports. We forget that a sport is mentally challenging and requires a lot of brainpower, so give yourself a few days off. Take a little trip somewhere you like, practice some meditation or yoga, or enjoy a gentle walk in the outdoors. This also allows your body some time to regenerate too!

Have a pre-season health check up

Checking in with your health and any aches and pains you are experiencing is a great way to prevent any injury further down the track. A quick visit to a medical professional is a good way to ensure you are all checked off for the season. Here at Better Steps Podiatry, we are ACC accredited and offer consultations to new and existing customers. You can book via our website at

Wear proper, broken in shoes

We sometimes forget to consider the environmental factors that come with switching up our sport and activities, but you can help prevent injury and issues by taking the time to ensure your feet, ankles and legs are ready for the change. Having the right footwear for the environment is key and ensuring you have worn them in enough to hit the ground running is ideal. The change from court to grass or soft mud to hard clay can cause shin splints, sore ankles and damaged feet.

We can fit personalised orthotics, apply dressings and strapping and are ACC accredited and Southern Cross Health Insurance affiliated.  Plus, Jess specializes in Biomechanics and sport injuries, so book in to get your feet sorted ahead of the warmer months today!